20 Feb 2011

Golden Rules to Home-employment: Never Pay Upfront fees

At this point we all have seen adverts that it promises us that is going to find us a dream job that is going to earn you thousands of dollars. This will be something as simple as filling in forms, surveys,  questionnaires, or more sophisticated activities like data entry, typing jobs, etc. The adverts and websites are many, and not limited to the ones mentioned; but it is worth noting that this is also a very common type of scam within 'modelling agencies' that promises us to find us work; or 'casting agencies' that tells you that they can get you a job as an extra in movies, but you have to pay for your portfolio and admin fees. Don't fall for that. If they want your money, avoid them like The Plague.

Aren't any legitimate companies then that offer work even if they charge you a few? The answer is that there are some, very few and they are hard to find. But chances are that before you come across a genuine online employment agency of this sort, you would have already gotten ripped off many times by those who promise that they will find you a virtual job. If you are lucky, all they will provided you with is a list of out-of-date job listings and agencies to registered with; something you could have done in your own time without spending a penny.

Stick to common sense, if what you are looking to achieve is to earn a revenue working from home, then, find a job first before you go on spending the money that you don't have -otherwise, why would you be looking for a job in the first place?

Remember the last time your boss sent you to a course to improve your IT skills? Perhaps it was one of those boring seminars, or an open day, or a training day, etc. Did he asked you to pay for it? No, of course he did not. This is because companies that want to keep ahead of competitors will train their stuff on how to use the latest technologies, or which new legislation they should be aware of, etc. The more qualified a worker is, the better the results he or she delivers to the company. Corporations know this. Your boss knows this. And unless you live in China, they are not going to ask you to pay for your own training.

So, beware, if they ask you to pay upfront fees, tell them that you are not interested and walk away.

 But wait? There are genuine companies out there, even if they ask and upfront fee. But we will look in depth at all of them in the following posts.

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