27 Feb 2011

Building good quality inbound links

What are inbound links?

Inbound links are external links that link to your website. They are an extremely important factor to get high search engine rankings. Without good quality inbound links, it is almost impossible to get high rankings on Google, Yahoo or other major search engines. This is because search engines think that, if many other websites link to your site, then your website must be important.

Although, it is absolutely crucial to the success of your website that you work on the inbound links to your site; the number of inbound links itself, is not enough to improve your search engine rankings. It is also important that the other websites that are linking to you are also related to your website. This means that if you are selling gardening tools, you will want links coming from gardening-related website, and not from others like gambling; because that will damage your rankings, but also it will damage the image of your website.

If the websites that are linking to you include important keywords in the link text, then it's easier to get high search engine rankings for these keywords.

When more than one web page has been optimized for the same keywords, then the page with the best incoming links will get the highest search engine rankings.

How to build good quality inbound links?

Something you should know is that inbound links won't build themselves overnight. You can pay companies to manually submit your links to directories and search engines for you, or you can do it yourself and save some extra pocket money; but choosing either option won't mean an overnight boost in your targeted traffic. In fact, it takes anything from two weeks to various months for your website to get included in some directories.

There are many different directories out there to submit your website to, and choosing which ones to submit can be a painful task. The problems is, although many of them start out with good intentions, soon they get overwhelmed with requests; so even if you submit to them, they might never get around to link to your website. You might also want to avoid submitting your website to directories that have a bad reputation (spam sites, linking schemes, etc); because inbound links from those sites can also hurt your rankings.

After all that you might be feeling a little dizzy, and not altogether too happy to start the tedious task ahead of you; specially having to go and surf the web for hours to find good directories to submit your website to. Don't despair. Here is a list of 50 free directories with good page rank that do not require a reciprocal link. (More will follow soon, so keep checking often)

Everything you learnt so far about inbound links can be resolve with the following formula:

Web content + good incoming links = high search engine rankings

I recommend you to submit your website to at least twenty directories before moving on to the next step.

Now you are ready to move the final step of this mini-tutorial 'how to get high search engine rankings'. (Coming Soon)

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26 Feb 2011

Optimize your website and increase traffic

Optimize your website & increase your traffic (II of IV)

It is important to optimize your website because, by doing so, what you are really doing is telling the search engines for which keywords you want to be found for. 

 Something worth remembering is that search engine can only give your web page high rankings for certain keywords, only if your webpage is relevant to those keywords. For instance, bidding on Barak Obama or Britney Spears on a website that sells imported coffee it won't really get you anywhere, except perhaps to a massive lost of time and money, not to mentioned that your website could be banned from the search engines. 

 If you do not optimize your website correctly search engines might not be able to index your pages; which means that you won't get visitors because search engines won't know what your website is all about. 

 Search engines take your whole website into account. For that reason, if you optimize only one page of your website, it will be very difficult to get high search engine rankings. On the other hand, if you have many webpages that are optimized for different but related keywords, then search engines will think that your webpages are relevant to a certain topic. Relevant webpages usually get higher rankings (and more traffic). You should optimize at least 6 different pages of your website for different but related keywords (from step one); and make sure that those pages contain at least 200 words of visible text. 

  Sometimes websites are not indexed properly in search engines due to major html code errors. Flash links and JavaScripts links can also cause problems. Remove frames whenever possible, as they prevent sometimes a correct indexing. Avoid using too many special characters or too many variables in your url. 

 High rankings on Google, Alexa, Yahoo, and other search engines are the result of optimize webpage content and good incoming links. 

 Before you proceed to the next step ask yourself this question: are your webpages linked so that search engines and surfers alike are able to find all web pages of your website through the links on other pages of your site? 

 Donde? Are you ready to move on? Click here for the next chapter of this mini tutoria.

Creating the right keywords for successful online marketing campaigns

Creating the right keywords for successful online marketing campaigns (I of IV)

If you want to succeed at your online marketing campaigns, then don’t be afraid to spend some quality time finding the right keywords for your website. They should be relevant to your web site and your content, and should be what web surfers should be looking for when they reach your site. Targeting the wrong keywords will make all your website promotions efforts useless; and it could also be wasting you a lot of time and money.

There are three different keyword types (bear with me here, I will just run you through the basics)

  • Keywords for browsing.

  • Keywords for comparing.

  • Keywords for buying.

For the best search engine optimization results, I recommend you to use keywords for comparing. People who use this type of keywords are usually ready to buy.
It is worth noting that most people use a two to four word phrase when performing a search engine. Do not use single words. They cannot be promoted effectively as they are not very targeted.

Points to remember
Phrases work better.
If you target the wrong keywords, you will lose a lot of time and money.

24 Feb 2011

Paul Movie Review: laugh out loud geeky comedy

If you are a geek, like me, you are sure to enjoy the latest comedy of Simon Peg and Nick Frost (SpacedShaun of the DeadHot FuzzMan Stroke Woman...); both star in the film, but it is also written by them and directed by Greg Mottola. This is a film written by geeks, for geeks, and about geeks.

 The film opens in 1947, a dark night where eerie lights can be seen on the sky. A dog, named Paul, is let outside a house by a little girl and as he is peeking into darkness and alien spaceship crashed on top of him and kills him. The girl rushes to craft and pulls out a surviving alien which she also names Paul. Paul is taken by the Government and held prisoner for sixty years.

 Sixty years later, two British nerds have travelled to America to fulfill their dream to go to Comi-con and to visit all the sites of major extra terrestrial importance. It is during this route, after a freak car accident, that they encounter Paul (voiceover by Seth Rogen), the alien visitor that was held captive for sixty years. They agree to help reach its destination, which is obviously a rendezvous with his people. 

 Along the way, they are forced to take with them a Christian named Ruth (Kristen Wiig), who is convinced that there is nothing else outised Earth and that God created all human beings. That is, until Paul shows her his memories and heals her eye, as she has been blind in it since the age of four.

Throughout the film, there are countless references to Star Wars, Star Trek and the works of Steven Spielberg (specially Close Encounters of the Third Kind which is the subject of several good-natured jokes and one crucial plot point) that will delight people with the same cultural reference points as Pegg and Frost.

 All in all, I was surprised at this amazing comedy when I first walked into the cinema. I've watched the trailer, but honestly I though I was going to be in for a huge dissapointment. Au contraire, mes amis!! I loved this film from the begining to the end, and is set to become a cult movie as soon as it is released on DVD. Don't miss it.

Watch the trailer

21 Feb 2011

Become a professional touch typist in less than one month

Some five years ago, I discovered Alfa typing: a free online keyboarding tutor for learning and practicing typing. At the time my typing skills where merely those needed to communicate through msn messenger: but the need to improve my quality of life meant a higher salary; and that of course meant getting a better  job. And to get any better job I had to learn how to type efficiently and accurately first.
Gladly, I found this site: clean, simple and intuitive. I gave it a go. I used it for an average of twenty minutes every day during the first week. At the end of the week, I was able to type with both hands and without looking at the keyboard at a speed of 40 words per minute with a 97% accuracy. Very impressive for a free tool, if you ask me.
If you really have no idea about how to type, don’t panic. Alfa Typing offers sixty levels to learn step-by-step from how to position your fingers, to achieving a professional touch type style.
It also offers a variety of free typing games to help you improve your accuracy and increase your speed.
With this simple online tool you will be soon typing correctly and efficiently.
But don’t just take my word for it. Try it out for yourself. Register for free –no catch, no fees, no complicated sign up forms, just a handle and a password-.


20 Feb 2011

Earn Unlimited Income with Excel Telemedia

Apply now, start tomorrow

If you are looking to earn an extra income working from home, and don't mind to work in the adult industry, Excel Telemedia es the solution for you.

It offers three main services for you to choose from (or pick them all if you wish) and start your application. These are Live 121 Phone Chat, Web Cam Service, and Text Chat Service. It is very flexible because it allows you to work the hours that it suits you; let this be a 3 a.m in the morning, or at 1pm in the afternoon. The choice is all yours.

So how does it work?

First of all go to Excel Telemedia website, have a look around, g adult cam jobs, adult chat operator, live 121 phone chat operators, live cam jobs, et familiar with the site and read the F.A.Q. Decide which service you want to provide, and download the application form.

What does the job involve and what requirements you need to perform it

This will depend on the kind of service you choose to provide. Below are the three of them explained:

Live 121 Phone Chat: aka Adult Chat Operator, Phone Chat Operator, etc. Although the only technical requirement that you would need to perform this job is a land line -note that your number is never disclose, but customer are put to you by call redirection from their main number-; an important point to remember when performing this type of job is that you have to have a very strong temperament and a very broad mind as most of the conversations will be of highly sexual and explicit content. You should also posses good communication skills, as your aim is to keep the caller on the line for as long as possible. Flexibility is also a must, as some calls can take last from a few seconds up to hours. How much you can earn it depends on entirely on how many hours are you willing to dedicated on the phone, and how good your communication skills are. Below is the pay table for Live 121 Phone Chat Operators; this will give you an idea of the the real earnings you can make working from home.

Band A: 8am and 8pm:

Weekdays Weekends and Bank Holidays
Up to 3 minutes call time: 10 p per minute 11.5p per minute
Up to 5 minutes call time: 11 p per minute 12.5p per minute
Up to 7 minutes call time: 12 p per minute 13.5p per minute
7 minutes and over: 13 p per minute 14.5p per minute

Band B: 8pm and 2am:

Weekdays Weekends and Bank Holidays
Up to 3 minutes call time: 11 p per minute 13p per minute
Up to 5 minutes call time: 12 p per minute 14p per minute
Up to 7 minutes call time: 13 p per minute 15p per minute
7 minutes and over: 14 p per minute 16p per minute

Band C: 2am and 8am:

Weekdays Weekends and Bank Holidays
Up to 3 minutes call time: 12 p per minute 15p per minute
Up to 5 minutes call time: 13 p per minute 16p per minute
Up to 7 minutes call time: 14 p per minute 17p per minute
7 minutes and over: 15 p per minute 18p per minute

It is worth noting that there is not a minimum amount of hours or minutes that you have to work. The only condition to received payment, which is process bi-weekly and paid directly into your bank account, is that you reach a minimum amount of £1.

Web Cam Operators: aka live cam jobs, cam jobs, adult cam jobs, etc. In order to become a Live Webcam Operator you will need to have a connection to the Internet -this has to be broadband-, a webcam and a headset (the headset is provided by the company).
As a Cam Operator you earn a flat rate for 25p per minute when you are in a call, and an extra 5p every time somebody watches one of your pre-recorded videos. You can easily make up to £15 pounds an hour.

Crea to propia novela de Dan Brown

Fantastico! Pincha en la foto para crear tu propia novela de Dan Brown

Ya sabemos como Dan Brown crea sus novelas. Disfrutadlo!


50 free directories with good page rank without reciprocal link

Submit your url to 50 free directories with good page rank without reciprocal link needed

Here is a list of 50 free directories with good page rank -they range between page rank 10 to page rank 4-. They are not listed in a particular order, but randomly.
You can submit your website for free, and no reciprocal link is needed. Please report broken links, or if a directory is no longer free, so I can update this list with other working sites.
I hope it helps.

Golden Rules to Home-employment: Never Pay Upfront fees

At this point we all have seen adverts that it promises us that is going to find us a dream job that is going to earn you thousands of dollars. This will be something as simple as filling in forms, surveys,  questionnaires, or more sophisticated activities like data entry, typing jobs, etc. The adverts and websites are many, and not limited to the ones mentioned; but it is worth noting that this is also a very common type of scam within 'modelling agencies' that promises us to find us work; or 'casting agencies' that tells you that they can get you a job as an extra in movies, but you have to pay for your portfolio and admin fees. Don't fall for that. If they want your money, avoid them like The Plague.

Aren't any legitimate companies then that offer work even if they charge you a few? The answer is that there are some, very few and they are hard to find. But chances are that before you come across a genuine online employment agency of this sort, you would have already gotten ripped off many times by those who promise that they will find you a virtual job. If you are lucky, all they will provided you with is a list of out-of-date job listings and agencies to registered with; something you could have done in your own time without spending a penny.

Stick to common sense, if what you are looking to achieve is to earn a revenue working from home, then, find a job first before you go on spending the money that you don't have -otherwise, why would you be looking for a job in the first place?

Remember the last time your boss sent you to a course to improve your IT skills? Perhaps it was one of those boring seminars, or an open day, or a training day, etc. Did he asked you to pay for it? No, of course he did not. This is because companies that want to keep ahead of competitors will train their stuff on how to use the latest technologies, or which new legislation they should be aware of, etc. The more qualified a worker is, the better the results he or she delivers to the company. Corporations know this. Your boss knows this. And unless you live in China, they are not going to ask you to pay for your own training.

So, beware, if they ask you to pay upfront fees, tell them that you are not interested and walk away.

 But wait? There are genuine companies out there, even if they ask and upfront fee. But we will look in depth at all of them in the following posts.

Justice for Madeleine: gone but not forgotten

I has been a while since something new about Madeleine's disappearance was on the news. Gone, but not forgotten.
I've put together a collections of videos about the McCann's case.
At the end, justice will prevail.

Madeleine McCann - The Truth of the Lie - Goncalo Amaral's documentary (1 of 6)

Madeleine McCann - The Truth of the Lie - Goncalo Amaral's documentary (2 of 6)

Madeleine McCann - The Truth of the Lie - Goncalo Amaral's documentary (3 of 6)

Madeleine McCann - The Truth of the Lie - Goncalo Amaral's documentary (4 of 6)

Reservoir Dogs movie review

1992 was a particularly controversial year for academics within the industry film due to the release of Tarantino's first film Reservoir Dogs.

Reservoir dogs features an interesting plot where six men are hacked to do the
'perfect job'. But the simple in-an-out jewellery heist turns out to be a bloodbath with some men dead and other wounded; gathering in a warehouse in order to think what the next step will be, and also, who among them is an undercover policeman.

The movie has become a cult icon among classic independent film; thanks mostly to its extraordinary production that combines flick elements from classic oriental movies like, Chinese Ringo Lam's 'City of fire'; and with clear emulation of the extremely long sequences of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. Perhaps the most interesting part of the movie is when the cop gives himself up to the thieves in an amazing perpetration of 'nihi' or Japanese code of honour. A word that has not real translation in the western world.

It’s a nonlinear storyline with few but extremely violent moments; it has been filmed in a 'snuff-movie' style that highly impacts the audience because of the credibility given to the scenes. Members of the public have been reportedly seen walking out during the course of a particular and extreme gore scene.

Not to be overlooked are the memorable dialogues with excessive profanity and the pop culture references. Reservoir dogs it’s unique in its class, the first of a series that has led Tarantino to be regarded as one of the best film-makers of the century.

                                           Reservoir Dogs Trailer

19 Feb 2011

RocknRolla Movie Review

Rocknrolla is a definite, must-have, in any collection of films fanatics. -
The once-compared to Scorsese and Tarantino, for movies like Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; British talented writer and director Guy Ritchie, brings us with Rocknrolla a non-stop tornado of entertainment mastered to perfection that delivers everything the fans wanted.
The story is set deep within London’s underground society and the plot is a world of chances where a 7 million euro deal and a stolen painting brings in together a set of well developed and vibrant characters: old school gangsters, a rich Russian business man, junkies, dealers, record producers and accountants; filled with a sub-text of hilarious homo-erotic, typically British, sense of humor.
Overall, the main performance of the characters is great. Credit for the best performers is to be given to Tony Kebells and Mark Strong. One of the best moments of the movie is when junkie rock star Johnny Quid (Tony Kebbells) explains the meaning of life through the medium of a packet of cigarettes.
The camera work is frenetic but perfectly done; and the soundtrack is powerful and engaging. Rocknrolla  also combines excellent dialogues and fantastic sharp pin up conversations with a very high dose of humor.

                                                               RocknRolla Trailer