21 Feb 2011

Become a professional touch typist in less than one month

Some five years ago, I discovered Alfa typing: a free online keyboarding tutor for learning and practicing typing. At the time my typing skills where merely those needed to communicate through msn messenger: but the need to improve my quality of life meant a higher salary; and that of course meant getting a better  job. And to get any better job I had to learn how to type efficiently and accurately first.
Gladly, I found this site: clean, simple and intuitive. I gave it a go. I used it for an average of twenty minutes every day during the first week. At the end of the week, I was able to type with both hands and without looking at the keyboard at a speed of 40 words per minute with a 97% accuracy. Very impressive for a free tool, if you ask me.
If you really have no idea about how to type, don’t panic. Alfa Typing offers sixty levels to learn step-by-step from how to position your fingers, to achieving a professional touch type style.
It also offers a variety of free typing games to help you improve your accuracy and increase your speed.
With this simple online tool you will be soon typing correctly and efficiently.
But don’t just take my word for it. Try it out for yourself. Register for free –no catch, no fees, no complicated sign up forms, just a handle and a password-.


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