20 Feb 2011

Earn Unlimited Income with Excel Telemedia

Apply now, start tomorrow

If you are looking to earn an extra income working from home, and don't mind to work in the adult industry, Excel Telemedia es the solution for you.

It offers three main services for you to choose from (or pick them all if you wish) and start your application. These are Live 121 Phone Chat, Web Cam Service, and Text Chat Service. It is very flexible because it allows you to work the hours that it suits you; let this be a 3 a.m in the morning, or at 1pm in the afternoon. The choice is all yours.

So how does it work?

First of all go to Excel Telemedia website, have a look around, g adult cam jobs, adult chat operator, live 121 phone chat operators, live cam jobs, et familiar with the site and read the F.A.Q. Decide which service you want to provide, and download the application form.

What does the job involve and what requirements you need to perform it

This will depend on the kind of service you choose to provide. Below are the three of them explained:

Live 121 Phone Chat: aka Adult Chat Operator, Phone Chat Operator, etc. Although the only technical requirement that you would need to perform this job is a land line -note that your number is never disclose, but customer are put to you by call redirection from their main number-; an important point to remember when performing this type of job is that you have to have a very strong temperament and a very broad mind as most of the conversations will be of highly sexual and explicit content. You should also posses good communication skills, as your aim is to keep the caller on the line for as long as possible. Flexibility is also a must, as some calls can take last from a few seconds up to hours. How much you can earn it depends on entirely on how many hours are you willing to dedicated on the phone, and how good your communication skills are. Below is the pay table for Live 121 Phone Chat Operators; this will give you an idea of the the real earnings you can make working from home.

Band A: 8am and 8pm:

Weekdays Weekends and Bank Holidays
Up to 3 minutes call time: 10 p per minute 11.5p per minute
Up to 5 minutes call time: 11 p per minute 12.5p per minute
Up to 7 minutes call time: 12 p per minute 13.5p per minute
7 minutes and over: 13 p per minute 14.5p per minute

Band B: 8pm and 2am:

Weekdays Weekends and Bank Holidays
Up to 3 minutes call time: 11 p per minute 13p per minute
Up to 5 minutes call time: 12 p per minute 14p per minute
Up to 7 minutes call time: 13 p per minute 15p per minute
7 minutes and over: 14 p per minute 16p per minute

Band C: 2am and 8am:

Weekdays Weekends and Bank Holidays
Up to 3 minutes call time: 12 p per minute 15p per minute
Up to 5 minutes call time: 13 p per minute 16p per minute
Up to 7 minutes call time: 14 p per minute 17p per minute
7 minutes and over: 15 p per minute 18p per minute

It is worth noting that there is not a minimum amount of hours or minutes that you have to work. The only condition to received payment, which is process bi-weekly and paid directly into your bank account, is that you reach a minimum amount of £1.

Web Cam Operators: aka live cam jobs, cam jobs, adult cam jobs, etc. In order to become a Live Webcam Operator you will need to have a connection to the Internet -this has to be broadband-, a webcam and a headset (the headset is provided by the company).
As a Cam Operator you earn a flat rate for 25p per minute when you are in a call, and an extra 5p every time somebody watches one of your pre-recorded videos. You can easily make up to £15 pounds an hour.

Payment structure is exactly the same as if you were offering a 121 Phone Chat Operator, and it also applies for Texting Services.

Text Chat Operator: aka get paid to text, get paid to send SMS, etc. A Text Chat Operator is exactly that, someone who gets paid to reply to text messages. It might sound too good to be true, but it is a real job with a growing market. In here you get paid a flat rate of 8p per text message replied.

The only and current drawback if you choose to work as a Text Chat Operator with Excel Telemedia is that is a very new service, and the currently the volume of text messages received is not very high. It will take you about two months to start making a real income. The plus side is, that you can do this job at the same time that you are working on any other online job.

Note that you will not be employed directly by Excel Telemedia, but you will be a Self-employed Operator working for yourself. This basically means that you are responsible to pay your own taxes and National Insurance Number and it is your duty to register with the Inland Revenue.

Excel Telemedia
 provides the Self-employed operators with a good and simple training which is very easy to follow, as well as continuous support from the help desk and colleagues alike. It is rated amongst the highest paying companies within the industry; and with quick and on-time payments, is a highly recommended company to work for. They are very reliable, top quality. One of the very best.


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