26 Feb 2011

Creating the right keywords for successful online marketing campaigns

Creating the right keywords for successful online marketing campaigns (I of IV)

If you want to succeed at your online marketing campaigns, then don’t be afraid to spend some quality time finding the right keywords for your website. They should be relevant to your web site and your content, and should be what web surfers should be looking for when they reach your site. Targeting the wrong keywords will make all your website promotions efforts useless; and it could also be wasting you a lot of time and money.

There are three different keyword types (bear with me here, I will just run you through the basics)

  • Keywords for browsing.

  • Keywords for comparing.

  • Keywords for buying.

For the best search engine optimization results, I recommend you to use keywords for comparing. People who use this type of keywords are usually ready to buy.
It is worth noting that most people use a two to four word phrase when performing a search engine. Do not use single words. They cannot be promoted effectively as they are not very targeted.

Points to remember
Phrases work better.
If you target the wrong keywords, you will lose a lot of time and money.


Create a list of 10 to 40 keywords. For better results, use two to four keywords.
While compiling this list, ask yourself: do I know which keywords are potential customers using to find websites similar to mine?

I found both Keyword Tool and Sktool to be a very useful source for search-based free tools that certainly will help you identify the best keywords for your website.

If you already are on the game, and are looking for a professional software to do the dirty work, I highly recommend you to download a free trial of IBPromoter.


Don’t focus on keywords with a high search volume. Instead, focus on keywords that will bring you targeted visitors (targeted visitors, if they enjoy the content of your site, are likely to come back).
Don’t use single words as keywords.

Got all that? If you did, then you are ready to move to the next step.

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