26 Feb 2011

Optimize your website and increase traffic

Optimize your website & increase your traffic (II of IV)

It is important to optimize your website because, by doing so, what you are really doing is telling the search engines for which keywords you want to be found for. 

 Something worth remembering is that search engine can only give your web page high rankings for certain keywords, only if your webpage is relevant to those keywords. For instance, bidding on Barak Obama or Britney Spears on a website that sells imported coffee it won't really get you anywhere, except perhaps to a massive lost of time and money, not to mentioned that your website could be banned from the search engines. 

 If you do not optimize your website correctly search engines might not be able to index your pages; which means that you won't get visitors because search engines won't know what your website is all about. 

 Search engines take your whole website into account. For that reason, if you optimize only one page of your website, it will be very difficult to get high search engine rankings. On the other hand, if you have many webpages that are optimized for different but related keywords, then search engines will think that your webpages are relevant to a certain topic. Relevant webpages usually get higher rankings (and more traffic). You should optimize at least 6 different pages of your website for different but related keywords (from step one); and make sure that those pages contain at least 200 words of visible text. 

  Sometimes websites are not indexed properly in search engines due to major html code errors. Flash links and JavaScripts links can also cause problems. Remove frames whenever possible, as they prevent sometimes a correct indexing. Avoid using too many special characters or too many variables in your url. 

 High rankings on Google, Alexa, Yahoo, and other search engines are the result of optimize webpage content and good incoming links. 

 Before you proceed to the next step ask yourself this question: are your webpages linked so that search engines and surfers alike are able to find all web pages of your website through the links on other pages of your site? 

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