19 Feb 2011

RocknRolla Movie Review

Rocknrolla is a definite, must-have, in any collection of films fanatics. -
The once-compared to Scorsese and Tarantino, for movies like Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; British talented writer and director Guy Ritchie, brings us with Rocknrolla a non-stop tornado of entertainment mastered to perfection that delivers everything the fans wanted.
The story is set deep within London’s underground society and the plot is a world of chances where a 7 million euro deal and a stolen painting brings in together a set of well developed and vibrant characters: old school gangsters, a rich Russian business man, junkies, dealers, record producers and accountants; filled with a sub-text of hilarious homo-erotic, typically British, sense of humor.
Overall, the main performance of the characters is great. Credit for the best performers is to be given to Tony Kebells and Mark Strong. One of the best moments of the movie is when junkie rock star Johnny Quid (Tony Kebbells) explains the meaning of life through the medium of a packet of cigarettes.
The camera work is frenetic but perfectly done; and the soundtrack is powerful and engaging. Rocknrolla  also combines excellent dialogues and fantastic sharp pin up conversations with a very high dose of humor.

                                                               RocknRolla Trailer