20 Feb 2011

Reservoir Dogs movie review

1992 was a particularly controversial year for academics within the industry film due to the release of Tarantino's first film Reservoir Dogs.

Reservoir dogs features an interesting plot where six men are hacked to do the
'perfect job'. But the simple in-an-out jewellery heist turns out to be a bloodbath with some men dead and other wounded; gathering in a warehouse in order to think what the next step will be, and also, who among them is an undercover policeman.

The movie has become a cult icon among classic independent film; thanks mostly to its extraordinary production that combines flick elements from classic oriental movies like, Chinese Ringo Lam's 'City of fire'; and with clear emulation of the extremely long sequences of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. Perhaps the most interesting part of the movie is when the cop gives himself up to the thieves in an amazing perpetration of 'nihi' or Japanese code of honour. A word that has not real translation in the western world.

It’s a nonlinear storyline with few but extremely violent moments; it has been filmed in a 'snuff-movie' style that highly impacts the audience because of the credibility given to the scenes. Members of the public have been reportedly seen walking out during the course of a particular and extreme gore scene.

Not to be overlooked are the memorable dialogues with excessive profanity and the pop culture references. Reservoir dogs it’s unique in its class, the first of a series that has led Tarantino to be regarded as one of the best film-makers of the century.

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