11 Apr 2011

How to get yourself a fake Facebook girlfriend

Technology never ceases to amaze me. Neither does people and the unimaginable depths of lies and deceits they will go to just for the sake of pretending.

 A few days ago I came across Cloud Girlfriend, a new Facebook service that allows people to create fake Facebook girlfriends to people who need it, either for self-delusion, or for building a reputation among his friends list. Are you so lonely and desperate that the thought of been alone for another second will make you succumb in deepest realms of depression? Would you consider getting a fake Facebook girlfriend to stave off the unwanted feelings?If your answer is yes -highly unlikely for the sane world -, I recommend you to go and visit a shrink. Seriously dude, you need one.  Am I for real? Believe it or not, I am. Although you Fake Facebook girlfriend never will be.

Money cannot buy love, but it can buy a fake girlfriend

Why would anybody get a fake girlfriend? Maybe to impress your friends and fool them into thinking highly of you because you scored a hot chick. Or maybe to make you feel like you actually have somebody that loves you and cares about you -this sounds sicks just as I write it. But that's the internet for you. 

David Fuhriman, co-founder of Cloud Girlfriend, is even dressing up their whole operation and making it smell good by claiming that it has a ‘therapeutic value’, that it fulfills psychological needs like “intimacy and friendship”, and that it can help build ‘self-confidence’ and that it helps users ‘navigate real-life situations. Of course, anyone could argue that it does the exact opposite of that in the long run.

He also claims that the service will help blokes get a girlfriend. If girls who visit your profile see that there’s a hot chick who thinks highly enough of you to date you, then they’re more than likely to think you’re worth it as well. Hypothetically, though, let’s say that this app does get you a real-life girlfriend. Imagine the outrage – not to mention the disgust – which she would feel when she finds out that you used such a service before. Doesn’t the whole affair seem terribly counterproductive? Fuhriman certainly doesn’t think so, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there are some people out there who don’t think so either.

How does Cloud Girlfriend Work?

On Cloud Girlfriend, the first thing they ask you is your idea of a perfect girlfriend. Just provide them with that along with some dough, and they’ll set up the account for you. They already have dozens of fake accounts on Facebook set up for your usage. You can then interact with your fake girlfriend publicly on Facebook and enjoy a “public long distance relationship with your perfect girl”. These accounts will be handled by real people to give a sense of realism to the interaction.

Of course, the more astute of you users will have already noticed that this whole service is against Facebook’s terms of service. Fake accounts are simply not allowed, Fake girlfriends included. However, Fuhriman says that there are more profiles of dogs and cats on Facebook than there ever will be of fake girlfriends. This guy fully thinks that he will get away with it, and with the way Facebook’s moving, he probably will.

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