27 Apr 2011

Make Money Uploading Files

If like me, you love to share in the world of the Internet, then ShareCash is the right tool for you.

 Simply register and start uploading your files, such as e-book, torrents, music, zip files... you name it. They accept every format.

Unlike other upload websites that pay you insanely low prices, such as $10 for 1000 US downloads, ShareCash pays an average of 60 cents per download. Thats an average of $600 for 1000 downloads - sixty times more than any other upload cash website! The best part is that 60 cents is just an average: some downloads will pay 80 cents, some $1, some even $10, and they support downloads from nearly all countries! In fact, it's very normal for some users to average 80 cents to a dollar per download.

 Here are some of the features ShareCash offers:

  • Affiliate System - refer users and get 10% of what they earn!
  • Premium Memberships - downloaders can buy a premium membership. If they buy one after visiting your file, you get 30% of the price!
  • Affiliate messaging system - you can now talk to and train your affiliate army to make you even more cash!
  • Low cashout limit - get your money after earning only $10 !
  • Accepts any file type!
  • Super secure - your details, files, and earnings are safe with us!
  • International downloads - get paid for any country!
  • Flexible, on time payments!
  • Easy-to-use folder-based uploads manager!
  • Friendly, 24/7 Online Community on our Forum, Live Chat, TeamSpeak, and Ventrillo!
  • High-tech FTP, Direct, and Remote Uploader!
What are you waiting for? Go to ShareCash and start earning right away!

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