18 Mar 2011

Mini holidays to Southampton

I have to apologize to all of you for keeping you waiting so long for the next post. This is because I have been on a short holiday in Southampton, down in south England. In fact, I still am on holiday; so you will probably have to wait a few days for a decent post. Nonetheless, let me tell you a little bit about how things have been going so far.

  We left Sunday night, and drove for 8 hours until we got to Southampton. We arrived late, at around 2.30am, so we went straight to sleep On Monday, my partner and I went to visit Stonehenge. Spent most of the day there, had lunch quick lunch on TGI Friday's, and then went to work for a couple of hours. Yep, you guessed right, lucky me, I work from home. :D


Not a lot happen on Tuesday, since I had to work all day. Wednesday was a really great day. We drove to Poole and spent most of the day at the beach. It was a bit grey and cold early in the morning, but it got better as the day moved on, and we ended up with a beautiful sunny day.

We had lunch at Haverster and then head to meet some friends in the afternoon. Later on I went and work for a couple of hours, not long, just 2, in fact. At night we went to the casino. My partner signed me up as a member and we got the first round half price (we paid one, and got the other one for free). As he was ordering, I looked across the bar and saw a man hitting a woman real hard. So much so that she fell on the floor and stayed there for a couple of minutes. Later on I had to give a police statement of what I saw, and as it turns out, the woman was his sister. We had a lot of fun during the night. It was late already to join the tournament poker table, but we played roulette and black jack, and by the end of the night, with the winnings we made, we paid all the drinks and still had a fifty pounds extra to get home.

 Thursday was even busier. We got up early, had breakfast and then I started to work. After that we catched lunch with some friends at Pilgrim House, a Chinese restaurant with all-you-can-eat buffet. Great place, really, hardly recommended. Awesome value and great food.

 Only a couple of hours later, we went for drinks at the Standing Order, as it was a leaving doo thing for my partner's relocation. We had a great night with the guys; a night full of laughter that it will take us all a very longtime to forget. We made back to the hotel very late that night, and very drink too, I have to say.

 Today am working. We moved hotels this morning after breakfast. Thankfully my headache is gone. Tomorrow we will go for a day out in Southampton. And Sunday, after 3pm, we will make our way back for another joyful 8 hours drive; not before doing a little stop at Northampton to visit a friend.

I will keep you posted with more updates soon, so don't forget to check back again next week. Until then, have a great weekend folks!

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