21 Mar 2011

Mini holidays to Southampton II

Finally my holidays are over. We made it back home about 3am last night, after a long long drive. I shouldn't be awake, honestly, but the removal van came early and now the whole apartment is full with unpacked boxes. Oh, rest, who needs it?

Saturday was a great day. We drove to Porstmout and spend day over there. We got to the top of Spinnaker Tower. They views from there were unbelieveable, specially since it was a very clear day. After that, instead of taking the elevator down, we took the stairs. It was Red Nose Day, so the management donated 1 pound per person walking down instead of taking the elevator, and we also gave some money too. There were 500 steps, and believe me, my muscles are still aching from it. That tells me that I should get my ass fit again. Oh well, am gonna purchase a treadmill at the end of the month, so that'll help get me fit again.

Spinnaker Tower

                                            Views from Spinnaker Tower
                                            Views from Spinnaker Tower
                                                          Views from Spinnaker Tower

                                           Walking on air at Spinnaker Tower

After such a glory day, we came back to the hotel where I worked till midnight. Then slept. Sunday we left at 3pm. Stopped at Northampton to visit a friend for a couple of hours, and eventually we got home.

Now that my holidays are over, I will have more time from my blog. Keep checking this week for new updates.

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