9 Apr 2011

Zelomi is back!!

So sorry folks to have kept you waiting for so long for the next post. The thing is, I have been very busy. Between holidays, work, studying, guitar, a few other things, and of course, sex ;), I have been all over the place and unable to post as often as I would have liked. But here I am again today. So let me keep you up to date with what has been going on.

 After mini holidays to Southampton, which, the main reason we went there was so my partner could arrange for a removal company to move all his storage staff into our current location (paid for by his company). All the boxes, aka crap, where laying around the house for a while, and it was mostly down to me to sort all the mess, since I work from home. Ahh, sigh..The good thing that has come from that, is that now we have a huge collection of DVD classics, along with my boyfriend's miniature helicopters, which he is teaching me how to fly.

 I bought a treadmill for my birthday. That is, birthday present to self with sponsorship from my boyfriend. We got a pretty good deal on a refurbished one, that basically looks and works as brand spanking new. This babe is now listed as £299, but we paid £249 a couple of weeks ago when we did the purchase.

You might be wondering, why on Earth did I needed a treadmill? Well, the answer is simple: you guys know I work from home. Which means am sitting on my ass all day long and my ass, unfortunately, was growing big. A bigger ass also meant that I wasn't feeling as sexy; which in return meant a lower sex drive; which was driving my partner crazy. All in all, it was a great purchase, since I can use it at the same time I work. So, technically speaking, I am almost getting paid to get my ass fit.

 Another thing that has kept me from posting, is that I taken another course with the Open University. I am halfway to my Certificate in Contemporary Science; and after successfully achieving two Astronomy courses (Introducing Astronomy, and Planets: an introduction), I have now decided to take Archaeology before maths; with the view in the near future to study a Certificate in Astronomy and Planetary Science. This has kept me real busy, I have been studying my ass off, to be honest; but hopefully from now on I will make a point to update this blog a couple of times per week.

 I have started playing my guitar again. I didn't know much before, just a couple of songs, but I haven't played since the summer, which means I basically forgotten everything. So I been practising and practising until my fingers hurt. I will start lessons in May, hopefully.

 I booked two tickets to Malta with Ryanair. £72 return, for both of them. No luggage, though. But with rynair policies you are allowed up to 10kg on hand-luggage. We will be flying from the 8th to the 15th of May. I convinced boyfriend to go backpacking, since he has never done so before. It took me a lot of convincing, since he likes to travel hotel-style. I have been backpacking before, so hopefully it will be a good experience. I will let you know how all this turns out.

I almost forgot, I have been putting a lot of time and effort on Amazon Mechanical Turk,so I can buy all the extras I want for my guitar.

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