14 Apr 2011

The 15 funniest youtube videos

Today, we are just going to have a laugh. Here are some of my favourite youtube videos. Hope you enjoy them! (Not listed in any particular order)

The Axis of Awesome - 4 Chord Song

Tom Leher - Chemistry elment Song

DiGiorno Pizza

The man song

The Axis of Awesome - What would Jesus do?

College Humor- Matrix Runs on Windows XP

X-factor - Worst Auditions 2


Awis of Awesome -Titty Bar

Barry and Stuart - Funny magic trick

Mosstril 5000

Amateur Transplant -London Underground

(College humor - Tech support)

Russell Peters

Muchachada Nui - el peor dia de mi vida
El Reno Renardo - Creci en los 80

Here are some of my favourite youtube videos. I hope you like them. If you have any more suggestions to add to this list, please post them below.

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