12 Apr 2011

General Resources: How to find images on the internet

Here is a good source of information to find virtually any image you can think of on the wonderful and amazing world of internet. Beware some of them might be copyrighted, or have a creative common license; some others might ask you for a few bucks, but the choice is yours.

Option 1 - search engine 

Option 2 - Creative Common Images 

Option 3 - Free stock image collections

Option 4 - Media Sources

  • AFP (Agence France-Presse)  
  • Empics (Press Association) 
  • Nettizen Online Newspaper Directory 
  • News Directory, a guide to all online English-language media (worldwide), over 3,600 newspapers, 4,800 magazines, hundreds of television stations plus colleges, visitor bureaus, governmental agencies, travel links, and comics ; more than 14,500 links in all 
  • NI (News International) Syndication 
  • Reuters

Option 5 - Photojournalist resources
Option 6 - Commercial images

 Option 7 -Historical Images

  Option 8 -Museums and Art galleries

  Option 9 -Architecture and buildings

  Option 10 -Scientific images (Earth Sciences, Medicine, Botany...)

   Option 10 -Map resources

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