24 Feb 2011

Paul Movie Review: laugh out loud geeky comedy

If you are a geek, like me, you are sure to enjoy the latest comedy of Simon Peg and Nick Frost (SpacedShaun of the DeadHot FuzzMan Stroke Woman...); both star in the film, but it is also written by them and directed by Greg Mottola. This is a film written by geeks, for geeks, and about geeks.

 The film opens in 1947, a dark night where eerie lights can be seen on the sky. A dog, named Paul, is let outside a house by a little girl and as he is peeking into darkness and alien spaceship crashed on top of him and kills him. The girl rushes to craft and pulls out a surviving alien which she also names Paul. Paul is taken by the Government and held prisoner for sixty years.

 Sixty years later, two British nerds have travelled to America to fulfill their dream to go to Comi-con and to visit all the sites of major extra terrestrial importance. It is during this route, after a freak car accident, that they encounter Paul (voiceover by Seth Rogen), the alien visitor that was held captive for sixty years. They agree to help reach its destination, which is obviously a rendezvous with his people. 

 Along the way, they are forced to take with them a Christian named Ruth (Kristen Wiig), who is convinced that there is nothing else outised Earth and that God created all human beings. That is, until Paul shows her his memories and heals her eye, as she has been blind in it since the age of four.

Throughout the film, there are countless references to Star Wars, Star Trek and the works of Steven Spielberg (specially Close Encounters of the Third Kind which is the subject of several good-natured jokes and one crucial plot point) that will delight people with the same cultural reference points as Pegg and Frost.

 All in all, I was surprised at this amazing comedy when I first walked into the cinema. I've watched the trailer, but honestly I though I was going to be in for a huge dissapointment. Au contraire, mes amis!! I loved this film from the begining to the end, and is set to become a cult movie as soon as it is released on DVD. Don't miss it.

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  1. Nice !!! Hope it comes to my country :D