3 Mar 2011

How to get high search engine rankings

So, do you think you are ready to play with the Big e-sharks Boys yet?
Let’s see, you have spent the last few months building an outstanding network of high paying affiliates programs: all relevant advertisement has already been placed in its allocated slot, but it’s still not bringing you any revenue. You also think you have great content in your web pages, but none of it it's actually delivering a good performance – or even not performance at all.
Perhaps you could account for hundreds of hours spent in front of your computer screen, manually submitting your site to search engines (or pinging services, in case of a blog), and posting your opinion in all sort of web forums, hoping to get thousands of clicks to your traffic and drastically improve yourself. But the truth of it all is that those endless hours have driven nothing more than a few dozen one-time  visitors to your site.
You know it takes some time for quality inbound links to link to your site. But how long is some time: months, years, decades?
Let’s face it, adding everything up doesn’t pay for the hosting services, the broadband, or even the daily coffee treat in Starbucks. Time is money. And you are losing hundreds by the day: you simply don’t know it yet.
If you fall into the above category of successful wannabe e-marketers –don’t take offense, I, too, was there once-; I recommend you to take a look at my simple instructions to correctly optimize your website, before you decide to go on and waste even more money in advertisement.
To get the best result out of this tutorial, you should follow each step in the correct order. 

Simple instructions to correctly optimize your website

Step 1 (updated)

Step 2 (updated)

Step 3 (updated)

Step 4 (updated)

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